Light up the world. We are all divine.

In the year 2023, Zeus still shuns technology. However, he knows that the pure electricity that flows through his veins can power his world with a single touch. As he knows nothing beyond Olympus, Zeus summons Poseidon and tasks him to procure entertainment worthy of the Gods.
Poseidon immediately sets out on his task and surfs down the mountain. A few hours later, he returns with a waterlogged arcade machine that he found at an underwater garage sale. After drying it out, Zeus attempts to operate the machine, but to no avail. He strikes it with lightning, and to his amazement the machine comes to life, he finds himself as a playable character amidst thousands of pixelated Zeuses to choose from.
As Zeus sits on his throne, he gazes out at the magnificent views of Mount Olympus, the abode of the Gods. The skies are a soft shade of blue, adorned with fluffy clouds, and the verdant hills seem to stretch out into eternity. Despite his love for the natural world, Zeus was bored - and he wouldn’t wish this boredom on even his most immortal of enemies.
With each flash of lightning, Zeus gains greater control over his in-game avatar, and the arcade machine becomes his constant companion, providing endless entertainment for years to come. 'Perhaps it is time for a change' Zeus muses, as he reflects upon the transformative power of technology. He's ready to explore the world beyond Mount Olympus and what better way to do it than to be among humanity in a pixelated form.
Perhaps there is more to life than Olympus.
Legendary Reveal 25/75
The Divine Map

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